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    I've been back and forth from Ireland from the mid-80's 'til now. While I consider the US my home, I'm an Irish resident and I cannot stay away from the southwestern Atlantic coast.

    I source most of my leather and thread from Ireland to make the finest purse possible.

    Depending on the time of year you can find me here or there. Keep an eye on my "Pop Ups" in both the US and Ireland.

    I've always been inspired by the rugged landscape, the sea, the warm and hospitable people. These along with my decades of professional leatherworking let me design and make bags that are useful and handsome that will last a lifetime.

    2019 plans: I'm adding some Italian, Spanish and domestic US tanned leather to the lineup.

    About my Irish leather. It's locally sourced and tanned in Ireland with an emphasis on a higher quality hide with that nice "feel", for the moment this is the black leather, but I have some green and blue on the way over.   My other leathers are sourced in Italy. Some of the belt leathers are a rugged English bridle leather (which will soon be sourced from my Irish leather agent).

    The thread and hardware are Irish sourced as well. Note: I source some items from the US and UK as well as needed. This is noted on the product pages.